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BC/YK Section Services

CoastRegistry is pleased to provide a number of online services for the BC/YK Section of Skate Canada and it's various Regions. See the links below to the services, which you can click to take you there.

BC Coast Region High Tests

The BC Coast Region hosts it's centralized test day registration on CoastRegistry. If you have arrived at this page and really want to be signing up for a test on on of those tests days, please click on the button below. Thanks!

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High Tests

BC/YK Section Planned Program

Skaters entering Competitions in the BC/YK Section are encouraged to use this software module to create and maintain their Planned Programs. Please click on the button below.

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Planned Program

BC/YK Section Form 100

All Clubs in the BC/YK Section should now be using this software module to enter their Club Form 100. This should be done shortly after the Club's AGM.

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Form 100